Hopper in the grass

Lil grasshopper jumping high.

Through the grass and in the sky.

Will you ever reach a rainbow?

Yes you will if you crouch low.

Bend those legs and expand like a crossbow.

Green Green crunchy bean.

Smell like toffee and strawberry.

Please inspire me to be like a mantis.

Antennae tuning in to the music of the spheres.

Honoring the last day of 2020!

With love.

Take what you can find on the high shelf of natures floor and create a pattern of gratitude.

Say Thank you for witnessing the last year of 2020 and make a promise with yourself that by connecting to nature you are connecting to the unique rhythmn and vibe of the earths heart beat and by making this connection you will feel strong to say a prayer,to call in your desires and most of all you promise yourself to never stop dreaming.

Be in peace and remember whatever pleasures and pains you witnessed or experienced in 2020 know these will carry you forward. You will be strong to grow and be in your truth for the next twelve months. For as and when you completely wake up to realise why you came this will be a grand day of your being.

Nothing very very bad or very very good lasts for very very long.

Be the beacon of light for others who face confusion and trepidations during these times of invisable war.

Hold their hands and guide them with love and without expectation.

From the stars we have come to the stars we will return.

Have the biggest Love in your heart that you can possibly find and If you fail to recognise this feeling of Love then take a rest and honor the earth with a sandpainting of gratitude.

Sandpaintings bring gifts on the wind of change.

The gifts will arm you with LOVE, HOPE and JOY.

Love is the virus that man needs to experience.

Be the earthbound being who is not afraid to Love.


Last Sand Painting of 2020

Love Bites

Tough love
Hard love
Anyway you want it love
Did you love
Oh no love
Angels from above love

Stinky love
Sugar love
Could have
Would have
Should have love

Let’s go to extreme love
Crazy love
Hazy love
Wish i could remember love

Never love
Weathered love
What a fuckin bitch love
Old love
Young love
Here comes big
Baby love

Mama Papa sister brother love
Sweet love
Heart love
Let’s get up early mornin love

Any love
Here is love
Be sure to share your heart love
Pure love
Tainted love
Down right dirty painful love

Live me love
Kill me love
Fair and square
In ya face love

Tidy love
Know it love
Grateful, neat and splendid love

Inner love
Outer love

Just Be 100% TRUE LOVE

by Sophie Breese

Inner Miracles

Inner Miracles

Reiki rewires the brain.
Severed neurons are able to become rewired and retuned by the power of love.
This enables a complete reboot in the brains hardware.
Reiki is fundamentally love and light.
You cannot be a transmitter of reiki effectively without having an open heart.
This is a practice in itself alone.
Discipline in self healing is required.
Control of the monkey mind in as much as doing the actual work.
Mind over matter.
Find a space and visualise golden light.
For those that talk about the white light it’s not everyone’s cup of chai.
Personally white light is too offensive too bright, clinical almost painful.

The mahatma golden light is profoundly effective.
You can send this everywhere, with no knowledge of reiki.
So the limits are within the imagination and there are no limits.
You have to take responsibility in visualisation.
Love is a base ingredient here.
Unconditional with no expectation surrendering & releasing knowing that what is will be and as above as below.
Activation of these energies creates magic, a healing.
You have to trust the process this raises your vibration.
Re wire the essence of your soul so you can be who you want to be and not who they want you to be.
Who do you want to be ?
Your articulation is your power.
Be free let your spirit fly into the realms of what it is you inwardly want to be and outwardly what you dream.
Understanding reiki helps facilitate a level of consciousness that is very subtle yet incredibly transforming.
Enabling you to be at the core your true existence.

Throw Up ! 

Keeping a sketch book is a great way of honoring yourself the space on paper to emotionally throw up.

I love this term as its one graffiti artists often use when they are working on a quick creation.

For me the slang fits perfectly as the self satisfying feeling of a good purge creates space for more creativity and productivity within the sacred space of a page.

You can spit out anything you want written word,sketches, nonsense and the blah blah.

You can stick things in, tear things out its creative freedom at its best and it’s private however don’t put down on paper anything you wouldn’t want to share publicly just in case the book ever gets lost or is in the wrong hands.

Any private deep throw ups can be put on paper however the ritual of then burning is incredibly satisfying for forgiveness and healing.

When airing emotions, unbottling the source of feelings and getting into the layers that we create is a great way to start self healing.

Through my crazy rebellion of my teen years it somehow kept me focused on what I really wanted deep deep down.

I still keep a sketchbook it’s so therapeutic all my ideas and frustrations get jotted down.

My kids have been encouraged to do the same as its so healthy in its entirety.

Through leaps and bounds of confidence issues i have encountered on my life’s journey keeping a sketchbook has helped me get clarity and feel stronger.

When looking back at my sketch books I also gained a confidence that I lacked at the time.

It becomes easy to see through the self pity of not feeling good enough which at some point is a really healthy realisation regarding self observation.

When going back to any page you start to see the strength you couldn’t see at the time of throwing it up you realise a journey of self growth has occurred.

Postive physical action followed by thoughts that get everything in perspective help you feel better.
A defining moment is when self realization hits home.

That is a healing in itself.

The beauty is that there is no right or wrong only controlling the ego self to get it out and throw it up.
Stuck for inspiration a great way to tap into a positive element of knowing yourself and giving yourself a helping hand of inspiration is to look at areas that make you happy.

Passions, hobbies, interests, dreams, people and places.

The list is as long as your imagination.

What is it you want to achieve ?

Where are you struggling  ?

What is helping ?

What is hindering ?

Setting boundaries is a great way to layout and focus on the areas you want to manifest over the forthcoming year.

A vision board style approach is a good starting point.

Collate images, photos, scraps of fabrics,keepsakes the point is it can be anything that can fit into a book.

Setting boundaries – create a manifestation circle.

Draw a circle and within the circle write everything you want to manifest.

On the exterior of the circle what is Ok only by invitation !

Stating to the universe visually on paper helps in subconscious clarification.

Watch your dreams appear and your fears be something of the past.